About Us

Welcome to Bright Renka, your gateway to unique Gothic fashion, with a spotlight on our bewitching bags. We're not just a brand; we're a declaration of individuality, an exploration of the shadows, and a celebration of the enigmatic allure of the night.

Embrace the Darkness

Bright Renka, the creation of SHARLOMAY LTD., is your rebellion against the mundane. While the world follows the fashion crowd, we lead the charge in crafting bags that defy convention. We don't just design; we conjure, creating bags that become an extension of your mysterious and elegant persona.

Our Vision

In a world of the ordinary, we stand proudly on the fringes, inviting you to delve into the abyss of self-expression through our unique bags. Whether you're a creature of the night, a disciple of the occult, or simply someone who revels in the art of darkness, Bright Renka bags are your canvas. Create your narrative, redefine the rules, and unveil the true you.

Crafted to Perfection

We obsess over quality and craftsmanship in every bag we offer. Each piece in our collection isn't just a bag; it's a masterpiece, a statement, and a vessel for your individuality. Designed to endure the trials of time, our Gothic bags reflect your inner spirit and celebrate your distinct style.

SHARLOMAY LTD. - Our Commitment

Operating from our cryptic headquarters at Agion Theodoron 6, Agios Athanasios, 4102, Limassol, Cyprus. SHARLOMAY LTD. is your guide to the heart of darkness, and we're your supplier of unique Gothic bags. Our commitment is to provide you with a gateway to Gothic fashion that dares to be different.

Contact Us

We're not just a brand; we're a community. If you crave connection, have questions, or need assistance, summon us at hello@brightrenka.com.

Thank you for embracing the darkness with Bright Renka and our uniquely Gothic bags. Unleash your inner rebel, create your unique narrative, and let the night's enchantment be your guide.

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