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Bright Renka

Reaper's Rucksack - MorbidMule

Reaper's Rucksack - MorbidMule

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The coffin-shaped design of the Reaper's Rucksack - MorbidMule is inspired by the dark, creepy, and cryptic aspects of gothic fashion.
  • It's coffin-shaped, inspired by all things dark and mysterious.
  • You can pack it with all your stuff because it's super practical and versatile.
  • We made it with hardcore attention to detail, so it's built to last.
  • And, it's vegan leather, so no animals were harmed.
  • Plus, it's rocking bold black and intense red details for that extra edge.

Dimension: L 21cm x W 10cm x H 44cm or 8.2 inches x 3.9 inches x 17.3 inches

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